Creative Methods in Peacebuilding

Creative Methods in Peacebuilding
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How to transform conflicts in ways that inspire healthier dynamics in relationships and communities? How to creatively tap into conflictive energies, directing them toward transformation? What are possible creative resources for engaging with conflicts in personal, communitarian, national and global levels? Investigating these questions, this course provides an overview of key creative approaches to conflict transformation, critically discussing their potential, limitations and ethics. Furthermore, it explores how creativity and insights from embodiment and arts can contribute to fostering non-violent alternatives to engage with conflicts and promote peaces.

In the course, we will discuss theoretical approaches such as arts-based peacebuilding, the moral imagination, creative and elicitive conflict transformation. We will also explore case studies and experiment with creative practices, such as movement and dance, music, theater and visuals. The methodology is based on hands-on engagement in a participatory dynamic that combines theory and practice. It invites to observe one’s own transformative processes, exchanging experiences and dialoguing with theories, artistic creations and other participants through contextual lenses. With a focus on the practitioners themselves, the aim is to explore creative resources for transforming conflicts in one’s own context.


  • To build a vocabulary of key terms and main theoretical discussions in creative methods in peacebuilding.
  • To explore diverse creative approaches in peacebuilding, as dance, theater, music, and visuals in dialogue with theory, case studies and personal practice.
  • To investigate individual and collective dynamics of creativity, imagination, vulnerability and power in engaging with these methods.
  • To increase understanding on the contributions, potential, limitations, and ethics of creative and artistic methods for peacebuilding through case studies.
  • To explore self-reflection and conflict analysis, investigating potential creative approaches that could contribute to transformation.

Key Concepts

  • Creativity and Arts
  • Peace
  • Creative and Elicitive approaches to Conflict transformation
  • Arts-based Peacebuilding
  • Moral Imagination


Take-off session: May 5th, 2022

Online Live Sessions: From May 12th to June 23rd; every Thursday from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM CEST


The course is structured around different formats as interactive lectures, discussion forums, orally guided exercises including movement, theater, visuals, contemplative practices, individual reflection and group discussion. The activities are highly participative, with emphasis on embodied experience. The objective is to create a welcoming space in which diverse forms of knowledge can be explored and expressed, eliciting knowledge from personal experience and emerging in the collective encounter. This welcoming space is cultivated collectively through co-responsibility, care and trust.


  • Participation in the weekly Interactive Forums, with brief reflections or creative responses regarding the readings/videos, and interactions with at least one other post.
  • Active participation in the live sessions.
  • One mid-term assignment exploring a topic of interest on creative methods in peacebuilding. Participants receive feedback on their assignments and provide feedback to other assignments as well.
  • One final assignment building upon the first one, integrating a dialogue with the theories, frameworks and experiences discussed, focusing on potential creative approaches for peacebuilding.

Total expected weekly hours: 4 to 6 hours