Dialogue Facilitation

Thematic training for peace and conflict work

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Informationen zum Seminar


When: 19–23 March 2024 (5 days) from 9:00 to 17:00 daily

Where: Arbeitnehmer-Zentrum Königswinter (AZK), Johannes-Albers-Allee 3, Königswinter, Germany

Fee: €800 including materials, lunch and coffee/tea

Additional Costs: Costs for accommodation, additional meals and travel have to be covered by the participant.

Registration Deadline: 31 January 2024


What: This training is also part of our full-time course in peace and conflict work. The training can also be booked en bloc together with two other trainings for a reduced fee (10% off). For further information, please see our course block: attitudes and skills in conflict transformation.

Who can register for this training?

The 5-day training is offered to practitioners of peace and conflict work or those who intend to work in the field, and are interested in learning more about the complexity and dilemmas in the field of dialogue facilitation.

Depending on methods and topic of the training, we limit the number of available spaces to a  maximum of 16 participants. Register early to reserve your place!


Dialogue is one of the most known third party intervention in the conflict context. Effective facilitation is a result of a long standing practice and a product of reflection and insight on what works and what does not work in specific contexts. The training will offer insights into the various dimensions of dialogue facilitation and the necessary skills and attitudes required, also with due consideration of the person’s own positionalities, privileges and biases. Through the balance between general concepts and practical exercises, the participants will get the chance to test and improve their ability to facilitate Dialogue within a safe space.  


  • Clarify one’s personal and (own organization’s) motivation for engaging in Dialogue
  • Understand the values and basic concepts and elements in Dialogue
  • Become familiar with and have practiced methods and tools for Dialogue Facilitation
  • Reflect on the role and expectations on a facilitator, personal competencies & one´s own ability & strengths in this

Key Concepts

  • Dialogue: thought models, framework and principles, application, limitation and challenges
  • Dialogue Facilitation: Types, processes and steps
  • The dialogue facilitator: Mandate, roles and positionalities, skills and attitudes required
  • Critical factors for consideration as dialogue facilitators: Power structures / asymmetries, participation and inclusion, multi-partiality, and other dilemmas
  • Application in various contexts


Starting from and building on the experiences and backgrounds of the participants we engage with the core concepts of Dialogue facilitation. The training is a safe space in which an experiential learning is encouraged, mistakes should be made and exchange on an eye-to-eye level is key. This allows close feedback loops for the implementation of the general concepts of Dialogue in practice and leads to a strong learning progression during and after the training.  

After a successful participation, participants receive a certificate and become part of the academy’s alumni network.


Please register for this training online via our website by 31 January 2024. We will then contact you for the next steps. Please note that the number of available spaces per training is limited, and that your participation in the training is only guaranteed if the training fee is paid in time. Early registration is highly encouraged.

Please make sure to clearly express your motivation and expectations for the training. Also, please share your experiences relevant to the topic.

Visa: Participants from outside the EU will need a visa to enter Germany. We can generally support the visa process with a formal invitation letter from our side. Be advised that it takes a significant amount of time to get the visa processed, so be sure to start the process 8 weeks before the training start. Please make sure you are eligible and check the specific requirements and usual timeline for processing with your local German embassy. The responsibility for obtaining the visa lies with each of the participants themselves.

For further information on our cancellation policies and financing options, please see our FAQs.