Peace and Human Rights Education 2020

Vitural Video/Book Project

Sustainable Peace and Human Rights Education 2019
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This interactive online seminar explores the questions: How can education promote sustainable peace? What are human rights and how do they play a role in formal and informal educational systems? And, how can we assist educators integrate sustainable peace and human rights discourse into school and educational curriculums and how human rights can change the future of schooling?

We will look at a wide range of civil, political, economic and social rights and their expression in educational (formal and informal) curriculums and textbooks. We will explore human rights as a governing principle for dialogue and as a basic principle for living together, and focus on the place it finds in education as a means to working towards the materialization of the cosmopolitan ideals of justice and peace.

Making use of the tools available to us in the realm of online seminars, this project will mobilize students to dream, develop, design, write and produce an online video of virtual children’s book on a human right campaign, organization or activist from the past or present.


  • Creation of a Sustainable Peace and Human Rights book in a group project
  • Key terms: peace education, human rights, activism, advocacy.
  • Educational shape of civil and political rights, and intersection with human rights
  • Human rights as basis for dialogue and sustainable peace

Informationen zum Seminar

Dr. Gal Harmat

Gal Harmat, Ph.D

Trainerin für Nachhaltigen Frieden und Menschenrechte, Konfliktsimulation
Frühbucherpreis (bis 6 Wochen vor Beginn)