The Academy for Conflict Transformation within the Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst e. V. (Forum Civil Peace Service, forumZFD) is a learning space for professional, international peace and conflict work. We train experts in the field of civil conflict transformation. Our educational work is an expression of our conviction that non-violent, constructive ways of dealing with conflicts can be both taught and learned. Graduates of the Academy for Conflict Transformation make important contributions to creating a society that takes a non-violent approach to resolving conflicts. They are deployed around the globe in all areas of peace and conflict work.

Our goal is to provide specialists who (want to) work on international peace projects and conflict-sensitive development cooperation with practical tools that allow them to make a contribution to building lasting peace. It is very important to us to be able to work with local partners, who can foster peace in their own countries and seek to win other groups over for their cause. Specialists engaged in development cooperation work and humanitarian aid are also able to use our offers to develop and reinforce their knowledge and expertise in conflict-sensitive project work.

In our courses and seminars, we create learning spaces where theory meets practice. Within this, our educational concept focuses on personal development, self-determination, responsibility and the ability to act in conflicts. One of our central concerns is fostering a personal attitude oriented towards peace-related values among all those who participate in our courses and seminars. The international intercultural exchange and participatory learning are particular strengths of our courses and seminars.

Learning goals:

  • Extensive knowledge of conflict theories and a differentiated understanding of conflict transformation models
  • Personal attitude, self-reflection and understanding of one’s own role
  • Confident application of the key methods of concrete peace and conflict work

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