Amela Puljek-Shank
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Amela Puljek-Shank

Trainer for Trauma-Informed Peacebuilding

Amela Puljek-Shank holds a MA in Conflict Transformation from Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, VA, USA.  She is currently completing her graduate diploma in Gestalt psychotherapy from Psiho-Integrum Psychotherapy Institute from European Association for Gestalt Therapy in the European Association for Psychotherapy, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina.  Amela is a trainer, facilitator and consultant in peacebuilding organizations specialising in nonviolent communication, trauma healing and recovery, worker care, resilience and posttraumatic growth, conflict transformation and peacebuilding.  She is psychotherapist working with individuals and groups.

Amela has worked in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia including in BiH, Croatia, Kosovo and Serbia, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, Nigeria and Mynmar.

Her publications include “The Contribution of Trauma Healing to Peacebuilding in Southeast Europe” in Peacebuilding for Traumatized Societies (ed. Barry Hart, 2008), “Trauma and Reconciliation” in 20 Steps towards Reconciliation (Center for Nonviolent Action, 2007), and “Journey of Healing” in Positive Approaches to Peacebuilding (Pact Publications, 2003).