Ángela María Báez-Silva Arias
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Ángela Báez Silva Arias

Power and Identity

Ángela Báez-Silva, a Cultural Biologist with over 14 years of experience in human systems transformation, has focused her work as a practitioner, researcher, evaluator, and trainer in community-focused initiatives from different sectors. She was the Executive Director of TerritoriA, supporting Community Foundations in Colombia, and currently, she’s serving as a consultant with Adapt Peacebuilding and the Global Fund for Community Foundations.

Ángela champions ethical relationship approaches, emphasizing autonomy, participation, learning, and trust as the pillars of meaningful peacebuilding. So, she’s passionate about facilitating learning journeys, starting with a crucial first step: understanding complexity within ourselves and our interactions. Through this awareness, she believes we’ll be able to imagine and co-create novel systems where our equally valid multiverses can harmoniously coexist.

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