Without wishing to downplay the explosive nature of the critical developments taking place around the world at the moment, it seems very helpful to recall that even profound crises are always followed by a period of stability, so that the sense of hope and confidence is not drowned out entirely amidst all the pessimistic noise. Even in periods in which basic democratic values are being shaken, when people are having to flee war, destruction and poverty and cannot always expect to be met with solidarity and empathy, it is essential to think positively about peace and not just see of it as an absence of violence and fear. Peace is a quality in its own right.

Peace happens and is disrupted.

Local disturbances have global repercussions and demand concerted action that
is responsible and reliable. In this area of conflict there are people who work with others to champion peace in an interconnected world.

I am delighted to be able to present our annual programme for 2019. We hope that what we are offering will inspire and enable more people to adopt a constructive and non-violent approach to resolving conflicts and injustice.