1. Background

The Academy for Conflict Transformation, a department of the Forum Civil Peace Service (forumZFD), is a learning space for professional, international peace and conflict work. Together with a pool of international trainers we offer different course and seminars for experts in the field of civil conflict transformation.

We plan to conduct an online conference for our pool of trainers in the first half of December 2021.

The objective of this conference is to generate a fruitful exchange between trainers and the Academy’s staff regarding relevant topics of the current peace and conflict work and different approaches to peace training.

Therefore, the Academy is searching for a moderator or moderators’ tandem or the design, organization and facilitation of this online event.

2. Concept description

In a 3-day online event, we plan to offer a series of up to three 2-hour sessions per day with two main foci:

  • on the one hand, workshops on topics currently relevant to peacebuilding
  • on the other hand, exchange and reflection spaces on different approaches to peace training.

The event shall be organized and facilitated in a dynamic, interactive and participatory way, so that it will be possible to register for those sessions that suit the interest and availability of each participant.

As a basis for the design of the event, trainers have already been sent a short survey to articulate their interest in topics to discuss.

The event will take place on the videoconferencing platform BigBlueButton. The Academy encourages the use of additional software and platforms such as interactive whiteboards or brainstorming tools for exchange among participants and can offer there if agreed to in advance.

For the sessions on currently relevant topics relevant to peacebuilding further experts will be contracted to provide input. The exchange sessions shall be facilitated be the moderator.

The sessions will be offered in English. At the same time, the Academy works in a multicultural environment, and the successful inclusion of participants and contributors with a lower level of English should be made possible.

3. Tasks of the moderator

  • Elaboration of a concept for the online trainers’ conference in close coordination with the Academy’s team
  • Selection and coordination of further facilitators for specific input in close coordination with the Academy’s team
  • Communication with participants and facilitators in the planning phase of the event (keeping track of participants list, coordinating registration to the different sessions, answering to questions from potential participants, sending the necessary links and emails)
  • Facilitation of the online event in a dynamic, interactive and participatory way, including a joint welcome and closing session for all participants
  • Facilitating the exchange and reflection spaces in a dynamic, interactive and participatory way, ideally making use of different online tools and with a focus on maintaining participants’ engagement
  • Documentation of the event (minutes of the exchange sessions, putting together different materials, taking screenshots of the sessions)

For the above described tasks the following days and fees are calculated:

  • Conception and planning: 5 days a 650 EUR plus VAT
  • Implementation: 3 days a 650 EUR plus VAT
  • Documentation and debrief: 1 day a 650 EUR plus VAT

4. Selection Criteria

The following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  1. Excellent experience as an online trainer/facilitator
  2. Substantial knowledge of the current discourse in peacebuilding and peace education
  3. Excellent quality of the methodological proposal
  4. Availability in the first half of December 2021 (exact dates of the 3-day online event tbd)

5. Submission of proposals

The proposals should include:

  • A 1-page concept that presents structure and the methods that ensure an attractive, interactive and dynamic online event
  • Financial offer / proposal
  • Short CV with a focus on the relevant previous experience

We look forward to receiving your expression of interest by September 26, 2021.

Please send your proposal to Julia Burmann: burmann@forumzfd.de