1. Background

The Academy for Conflict Transformation, a department of the Forum Civil Peace Service (forum ZFD) will conduct four masterclasses for alumni. Each masterclass will focus on a concrete topic/issue within one of the following themes:

  • Digital Peacebuilding
  • Trauma Sensitivity
  • Climate Change and Environmental Peacebuilding
  • Refugee Work

The Academy is searching for online facilitators for the conception and implementation of 3-hour long masterclasses. These sessions should concentrate on one specific, narrower aspect within one of the broader themes mentioned above. The topic should be directly related to peacebuilding and/or the Civil Peace Service.

Each masterclass should take place twice, so that different time slots can be offered. All masterclasses should take place between September and December 2021.

2. Concept description

Each masterclass should have a clear focus on one aspect or topic related to peacebuilding and conflict transformation. The duration of a masterclass is 3 hours, and the maximum number of participants will be 16. The time frame and number of participants can still be open to discussion, if the facilitator considers it necessary.

Each masterclass should be built around two key elements: the expertise and input of the facilitator, and a dynamic exchange among participants, who are expected to participate actively, bring in their own experience and get to know the rest of the alumni.

Masterclasses will take place on the videoconferencing platform BigBlueButton. The Academy encourages the use of additional software and platforms such as interactive whiteboards or brainstorming tools for exchange among participants and can offer there if agreed to in advance.

Masterclasses will be offered in English.

3. Selection Criteria

The following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  1. Substantial knowledge of the topic proposed and previous practical experience in it
  2. Experience as an online trainer/facilitator
  3. Excellent skills of the course language
  4. Attractive outline and focus of the masterclass, relevant to the field of peacebuilding

4. Fees

The Academy offers a daily rate of 650€. Each masterclass implies:

  • One day of conceptualization and briefing with educational consultants
  • One day of implementation each time the masterclass is conducted (ideally, two times between September and December 2021, in two different time slots so that different time zones are catered for)
  • One day of debrief, including a meeting with educational consultants

5. Submission of proposals

The proposals should include:

  • A 1-page concept of the masterclass topic, outline and methods proposed
  • Short CV with a focus on the relevant previous experience

Please submit all documents in English.

We look forward to receiving your expression of interest by July 19, 2021.

Please send your proposal to María Requena López (requena-lopez@forumZFD.de) AND to Marianne Albrecht (albrecht@forumZFD.de).

Further information about our organization can be found on our website www.forumZFD.de. English information about our academy is provided at www.forumzfd-akademie.de/en