Christine Uhlemann
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Christine Elfi Uhlemann

Trainer for Yoga and Meditation

Phone: +49 (0) 22861969830

Christine Elfi Uhlemann works in Bonn, Germany, as a natural registered health practicioner. Besides her own practice she works in an osteopathic practice as well. In addition to that she holds classes and workshops in Yoga, meditation, energetic bodywork and Yoga with essential oils. The classes and workshops are offered by different educational establishments, institutes and clinics.

As a natural registered health practicioner, her main focus lies on body therapy in form of integral body treatments. The applied methods are osteopathy, Polarity therapy and body-related trauma therapy. The treatments are accompanied by therapeutic talks.

She integrates in her approach a holistic point of view and the restoring of a physical, emotional and mental balance. For that she applies her cognitive and resonance ability along with her knowledge and long-term experience.

Since almost 30 years she travels regularly to India, where she gets moved and inspired by its millennia-old culture and spirituality. Her gained knowledge flows into the single person working as well as into the work with groups.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Teacher for Yoga, meditation and energetic bodywork with a therapeutic and spiritual background
  • Work as a natural registered health practicioner: Treatment of acute and chronic diseases and complex, psycho-somatic issues by application of integral body therapy and verbal facilitation
  • Unfoldment of potential for inner growth and healing
  • Buildup of a strong, dynamic core centre as a therapeutic main principle
  • Training in body consciousness and self-awareness
  • Evolving inner ressources
  • Preventive health care

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