Civil Peace Service as a profession 1 2019

Information seminar on the work of a Peace and Conflict Consultant

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Civil Peace Service (CPS) is the principal German policy programme of public-civil society peacebuilding efforts in crisis and conflict contexts. This seminar offers an insight into the tasks and work contexts of a peace and conflict consultant within the CPS programme. Furthermore, information on professional training and development will be provided for both recent graduates and experienced professionals.

A broad range of careers

From human rights monitoring to setting up structures for dialogue and cooperation to dealing with the past or working with trauma: the work contexts and tasks of a peace and conflict consultant within Civil Peace Service are manifold. However, what they all have in common is close cooperation with local partner organisations. Whether you are a young professional or a career changer with professional experience, civil conflict
transformation and peacebuilding offers a broad range of career options for various professional paths.

Professional skills

If you are considering professional peace and conflict work as a career goal, it is important to be aware of your skills, your personal and professional goals as well as needs for professional development. Hence, this seminar focuses on the professional circumstances of the participants and will look at skills and competencies required by relevant organisations as well as options for further qualification in the area of Civil Peace Service.

Seminar contents

  • Introduction to the work of a CPS peace and conflict consultant
  • Fields of activity within the CPS programme
  • Qualifications and skills for working as a peace and conflict consultant
  • Options for young and experienced professionals
  • Sharpening your personal profile

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