Conflict-sensitive project planning and implementation


Every project affects local peace and conflict dynamics in its own way. Starting from a conflict analysis, this seminar focuses on the identification, understanding and implementation of conflict-sensitivity tools for project planning. Participants undergo an in-depth exploration of the methods of Do No Harm, Outcome Mapping and Reflecting on Peace Practice.

Through a combination of participatory dynamics and methodological input, the group will be able to bring in their own case studies and tackle challenges from their own professional experience. In order to make the learning processes as enriching as possible, the group will be divided into a basic and an advanced seminar.


Basic seminar:

The basic seminar introduces the three approaches mentioned above and illustrates the connection between them. Participants will learn the steps of each approach and be able to distinguish the differences and common ground among them.

  • Sensitive conflict analysis
  • Actor mapping
  • Project planning focused on behavioural change


Advanced seminar:

The advanced seminar will shortly introduce the three approaches to bring all participants on the same level. Later, the main focus will be placed on the differences and common ground of the three approaches, advantages of applying different approaches for addressing different needs and connecting them with the Theory of Change (ToC) approach.

  • Sensitive conflict analysis
  • ToC approach
  • Project planning cycle (including monitoring tools)


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Ruxandra Tanase

Ruxandra Tanase

Trainer for Peace and Conflict Projects
0040 264 420 298
Dr. Kira Auer

Kira Auer

Trainer for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Peace and Conflict Projects
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In-Person Seminar
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