Constructive Third-party Intervention 2019

Dialogue, negotiation and mediative approaches in peace and conflict work

vier Männer und eine Frau diskutieren
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Third-party interventions involve active, non-violent support of conflict transformation by impartial third parties. They require an in-depth understanding of the conflict situations, the parties involved and the individual objectives of the various project activities. In-depth clarification of the expectations of all parties involved, the role and mandate of the third party as well as conflict and culture-sensitive selection of suitable methods are therefore essential.

In our seminar, you will use case studies to select a suitable mix of facilitation, negotiation strategies, mediation techniques and traditional methods to support dialogue processes between conflict parties. In a shuttle mediation simulation, you will have the opportunity to experience the complexity of such a measure first-hand. The seminar will also heighten your awareness of possible pitfalls and the adverse effects of dialogue projects.

Seminar content

  • Term clarification: dialogue, mediation, negotiation, facilitation
  • Traditional and facilitative models of mediation
  • Understanding of roles
  • Dialogue and mediation processes
  • Methods of building trust and creating “safe spaces”
  • Influence of culture, society, gender and power

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