Constructive Third-party Intervention: Mediation, Negotiation and Dialogue

Negotiation Macedonia
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This seminar will address the values necessary for successful negotiation, mediation and dialogue processes. Participants will clarify terminology and concepts and take inventory of interpersonal, workplace and armed conflicts they have experienced. They will reflect on how to create a safe and conducive environment for peaceful conflict transformation as well as how to build and sustain trust and confidence in the process. Further analysis will cover crosscutting issues such as gender, youth and cultural influences as well as power imbalance.

Examples will be given of effective all-inclusive, multi-track processes and approaches that link Track One (top government or institutional level), Track Two (public leaders such as religious or civil society leaders) and Track Three (community and grassroots actors). Participants will share experiences, best practice and challenges faced when conducting dialogue processes at the community, national and/or regional (cross-border) levels including intergroup, multi-ethnic, religious-based and complex political conflict situations.

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