Constructive Third-party Intervention: Roles, relationships and responsibilities in peace work

vier Männer und eine Frau diskutieren
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Peace workers face challenges on various levels of their working environment. This seminar addresses the challenges relating to partners and offers a range of tools that will help tackle them. The program will focus on the relationships within peace work in conflict and post-conflict areas at the grassroots and middle level. It will analyze the power structures within peacebuilding organizations as well as those with their partners and other actors. The seminar also explores the challenges facing relationships with the partners as individuals who are affected by traumas and struggles.

During the seminar, participants will discuss the tasks and responsibilities of a facilitator, consultant and adviser. Using non-formal exchange methods (e.g. small groups, experiential learning, interactive activities), they will reflect upon their own role in representative situations. We will examine scenarios to map out difficulties in engagements and co-operation and take a closer look at our personal experiences and successes while learning to balance and self-care.

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