Creative Techniques for Conflict Transformation 2019

Movement as a tool

eine fröhliche Frau in einem bunten Gewand

This seminar explores creative methods for conflict transformation, with emphasis on embodiment and movement, combining theory and practice in a participatory dynamic. Participants will be introduced to different methods to foster the expression of creativity and explore conflict transformation beyond words. We will work hands-on and learn by doing, by observing one’s own transformation processes, sharing their personal and collective experiences and dialoguing with theories and authors of the field.

Different techniques are explored, including movement, theater, music, and contemplative practices. The dynamics of embodying and languaging (voicing and communicating transformation) are explored through painting, journaling and embodied writing. The seminar aims at providing a space where conflict workers can engage in transforming their own conflicts and tap into their own creativity, confidence, differences, commonalities, and power.


  • Key terms: movement, body, breath, time, space, pain, emotions, energy, power, vulnerability, opposites.
  • Practical exploration with intra and interpersonal conflicts, through exercises guided orally and with music.
  • Development of awareness, self-expression, introspection and presence techniques.
  • Exploration and identification of self-care tools and ways to implement these techniques in peace and conflict work


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Paula Ditzel Facci

Paula Ditzel Facci

Trainer for Gender in peace and conflict // Creative Techniques for Conflict Transformation
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Königswinter/Bonn, Germany
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