Dialogue Processes 2019

An insight into the art of communication in peace work

Promoting, initiating and accompanying the conversation among the different parties of a conflict is one of the core elements of peace work. These processes demand a profound understanding of the situation, an empathetic and impartial attitude towards the parties and a comprehensive set of communication skills. This seminar focuses on your role of the peace worker as a third party in a conflict and explores the attitude, skills, knowledge and tools necessary for accompanying dialogue processes.

Paying special attention to all key elements of a congruent communication style – such as listening, body language, cultural sensitivity or voice – you will learn about the necessary components around dialogue processes. From the creation of a safe space with each of the parties involved to the structural and institutional requirements of a dialogue, going through the separation of roles and clarification of objectives, this seminar seeks to increase your awareness on all the small, yet crucial elements that surround a dialogue process.

Seminar content

  • Term clarification: dialogue, mediation, negotiation, conversation, talk, facilitation, agreement
  • Paying attention to the detail: physical space, voice tone, influence of gender, cultural sensitivity, power dynamics, translations
  • Understanding of roles and how they impact the process
  • Safe space and trust-building

The registration process for this seminar has not started yet. We plan to open registrations for all 2019 online seminars at the end of 2018. Please check our webpage for regular updates or get in touch with us.

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