Gender in Peace and Conflict 2019

Understanding the impact of gender dynamics in peace building processes

Gender in Peace and Conflict
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This seminar aims at providing students with an overview of perspectives on the role of gender in peace and conflict. It will investigate intersectional identities, exploring vulnerability and power in the intersections of difference and belonging. For professionals in the field, it means the opportunity to gain the theoretical background for working with the concepts of gender and its cognates creatively and critically in their personal and professional lives, allowing identification of new courses of action in their own context.

Seminar content

  • Key terms and main perspectives within gender studies
  • Criticism and dialogue among those perspectives
  • Influence of gender studies in peace, conflict and violence
  • Discussion, reflection and instrumentalization of gender in peace and conflict
  • Strong theoretical background and critical thinking

Information about the seminar

Paula Ditzel Facci

Paula Ditzel Facci

Trainer for Gender in peace and conflict // Creative Techniques for Conflict Transformation
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