Gender in Peace and Conflict 2021

Gender in Peace and Conflict
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How do gender and other intersecting identities relate to peace, conflict and violence? How can they offer insight into deeper layers of conflicts and inform alternatives to promote conflict transformation, justice, healing, and structural change?

This seminar aims at providing participants with resources to understand the role of gender and other intersecting identities in peace and conflict, and to work with them in a transformative manner. It begins with an overview of the main perspectives in the fields of gender and peace and conflict studies. It investigates intersectional identities, exploring vulnerability and power in difference and belonging. This exploration is based on the discussion of academic and non-academic texts, videos and artistic creations and intends to draw from participants’ personal and professional experiences in dialogue with case studies. Finally, it aims at providing participants with resources for working with gender and intersecting identities creatively and critically in their personal and professional lives, allowing identification of new courses of action in their own context, and contributing to the dynamic balance of the conflictive system in which they find themselves in.


  • To understand the main theoretical discussions in gender and peace and conflict studies.
  • To investigate intersectionality and to explore dynamics of vulnerability and power in the processes of belonging and difference.
  • To explore analysis of conflict through gender perspectives in case studies, including interpersonal, communitarian and organizational settings.
  • To explore self-reflection and analysis of one’s own positionality in the conflictive context considering gender dynamics.
  • To practice identifying new courses of action to contribute to transformation.

Key Concepts

  • Gender
  • Peace
  • Conflict transformation
  • Intersectionality


The seminar is based on interactive and participatory dynamics, drawing from elements of critical pedagogy, feminist, decolonial and transrational methods. It aims to create a learning space characterized by curiosity, co-responsibility, trust, care and openness for exchange, in which a diversity of voices and experiences can be shared, heard and engaged with contextually.


Online Live Sessions: From 23 February 2021 to 13 April 2021; every Tuesday from 16:30 to 18:00 CET/CEST. The live session may include an introductory lecture, rounds of discussion, exercises in doubles or small groups, and a space for participants to share reflections and present assignments.


  • Initial presentation on personal perspective through gender lenses
  • Participation in weekly text discussion forums
  • Participation in weekly Online Live Sessions, prepared to discuss the selected texts and the insights from the Text Discussion Forums
  • One assignment by mid-term assessing a topic of interest on gender in peace and conflict through personal perspective; guiding questions will be made available; participants receive detailed feedback on their assignments
  • Participation in the circle of resonance, offering at least two feedbacks to the assignments of other participants
  • One final assignment building upon the personal perspective, integrating a dialogue with the authors studied (and others) and professional experiences, focusing on potential next steps for transformation in the participant’s own context

Total expected weekly hours: 4 – 6 hours

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