Peace and Conflict Projects 2019

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Every action and every project affects local peace and conflict dynamics in the field in its own way. It is necessary to promote peace potential and support the transformation of conflicts. Special methods and tools help to raise awareness for potential and risks and to avoid unintentional developments during implementation and after conclusion of the project. Beginning with an analysis of peace and conflict potential, you will be familiarised with tools to plan, monitor and evaluate projects in conflict environments in our seminar. You will then apply the methods you have learned to specific peace and development projects and reflect on the results.

Seminar content

  • Analysis of the relevance and potential of peace and conflict transformation
  • Methods of project planning and impact observation
  • Assessment of project risks and interacting elements
  • Adapting strategy development

Information about the seminar

Cordula Reimann

Cordula Reimann

Trainerin für systemische Konfliktanalyse und Friedens- und Konfliktprojekte
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Königswinter/Bonn, Germany
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