Peace Psychology 2019

Psychological elements of peace and conflict: challenges and possibilities

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This seminar is an introduction to the psychological bases, causes and effects of violence and peace. Through an understanding of the psychosocial aspects that surround conflict, participants will be able to analyse the key elements that play a role in promoting peace at all different levels of society – and the challenges that come with it. This seminar touches upon the most personal, intimate aspect of our being –our psyche– and connects what happens in it during times of violence with the wider social effects of conflict.

As participants you will not only be asked to study external cases, but also reflect deeply on your own inner processes in relation to yourself and others. Only through the comprehension of first-hand experiences will you be able to apply the new knowledge and skills for the prevention of
violence and fostering of psychosocial healing.

Seminar content

  • Identification and analysis of the psychological elements of peace and conflict within oneself, with others and on the broader levels of social interaction (communities, cities, countries)
  • Learning how to apply peace psychology in a practical implementation of strategies
  • Self-reflection for a deeper, more meaningful understanding of peace psychology and the dynamics within ourselves and with others
  • Familiarisation with the concepts of trauma, resilience, self-care, belonging, reconciliation

The Seminar sessions are wednesdays 12 - 2 pm (Berlin time)


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