Psychosocial Conflict Analysis

Field Work in Lebanon
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Since conflict takes place between and within people, it is in those relationships that the potential for transformation can be found. Psychosocial conflict analysis is a reflection and evaluation tool that takes into account the surrounding context, social conditions, psychological health and individual wellbeing in order to obtain a more holistic understanding of conflict dynamics. It not only engages with the needs, feelings and state of mind of the people involved in a conflict, but also seeks to analyse how the way in which we, as third party, enter a conflict setting, affects the work we do and the quality of our peacebuilding efforts.

Participants will get to know all the steps of psychosocial conflict analysis as a tool and will get familiarized with the key psychosocial factors of conflict dynamics, starting from a very personal perspective. Their own experience and perspective is not only allowed, but also encouraged in the learning process. The methodology will be a combination of inputs, conversations, and participatory hands-on exercises.

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