Friderike Wilckens von Hein
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Friderike Wilckens von Hein

Trainer for Creative Methods and Conflict Transformation

Phone: 02247-900400

Friderike Wilckens von Hein has been working extensively with the methods of the Theatre of the Oppressed and the Theatre for Living for 20 years now. As the director of the Forumtheater Inszene, she conceives and directs projects that give disadvantaged groups a space in which they can express themselves and stand up for their concerns. The projects are conducted in close collaboration with local actors, participatory in nature, and go far beyond the scope of role play or “theatre play”.

Intercultural dialogue is an essential focus of her work. Indeed, a three-year stay in Beijing (1992–1994) was instrumental in shaping her views of transcultural cooperation. In 2000 she met Augusto Boal and was immediately impressed by his fearless approach when dealing with serious conflicts. He handles these creatively, with composure and the appropriate dose of humour and emotion. Beside non-violent communication, his methods remain the most valuable components of her work.
Whether as a project manager and moderator for the Forumtheater Inszene or as a trainer and speaker in various other contexts, intercultural dialogue, self-determination and equal opportunity invariably form the core of her work.
Friderike Wilckens von Hein has been offering methodology training (Forumtheater/Theatre of the Oppressed) at the Bildungswerk Darstellende Künste and Melanchthon Akademie in Cologne as well as at the Off-Theater NRW in Neuss since 2010.