As a lawyer for the Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya, Janet Anyango campaigns for women's rights and against all forms of discrimination. "Our focus is on issues such as sexual and gender-based violence, land and property rights, family matters and children's and marriage rights. We firmly believe that there is no peace without justice."

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"The training made me aware that some conflicts cannot be recognized at first glance." 

Janet Anyango Participant in the full-time course in peace and conflict work 2021.


For Janet, this vocation is a dream come true: "Ever since I was a little child, I wanted to be a lawyer. I wanted to ensure that human rights were protected, upheld and respected."

However, the trained mediator is not just an advocate of the traditional justice system; she firmly believes that conflicts can be resolved through reconciliation and new ways of thinking. "The topics of peace and conflict are very important to me." That is why Janet Anyango took part in the further training course for peace and conflict work at the Academy for Conflict Transformation in 2021.

During the training, she was able to expand her knowledge of peace and conflict work and learn new things. "The training made me aware that some conflicts cannot be recognized at first glance."

"I also found it interesting to think that the absence of war is not synonymous with peace –
I had never thought about it like that before." The course also had a positive impact on her work-life balance. Increased self-care and more strength and energy are just some of the many aspects that Janet Anyango has gained from the training.