Jorge Aguado Sánchez
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Jorge Aguado Sánchez

Trainer for Environmental Peacebuilding

Jorge is an environmental communicator and a peacebuilding and human rights trainer. Since 2017, he has been developing training courses on advocacy and raising awareness on issues related to the environmental emergency, human rights activism and the peacebuilding mechanisms for community building.

His history will tell you about his works for the European Commission in the Environmental DG (Directorate General), the news media in Brussels as a journalist or his voluntarism for the seas-cleaning project 'The Ocean Movement'. At the moment, he is working at the European Climate Foundation.

Further, he is a proud member and trainer of the Youth Peace Ambassadors Network.
He has been running training on artivism, peacebuilding communications, social entrepreneurship, conflict transformation, and resolution around the globe. Jorge represented youth voices in the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe during the 2020/2022 mandate.

Last, Jorge is an extrovert that enjoys a good story, believes in the power of ‘sobremesa’ to solve conflicts and keeps learning every day while going for a walk in the mountains of his hometown, El Escorial.