Kateryna Zeziulina
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A course at the Academy is an inspiring journey to new knowledge, new discoveries and to peace in oneself. The training created an opportunity for me to look deeper on what is my role of Peacebuilding Adviser.

Kateryna Zeziulina Alumni of the Academy

Kateryna Zeziulina is a local expert and advisor on Teachers Peace Education Training for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) within the CPS programme in Ukraine. In 2020, she participated in an inhouse training at the Academy for Conflict Transformation.

"Taking a course in the Academy is always an inspiring journey. The trip to new knowledge, new discoveries and finding peace in yourself."

The inhouse-training for GIZ CPS national personnel created an opportunity to look deeper into her role as a Peacebuilding Advisor. "During 10 intense days I was happy to share my knowledge in Peace Education and Dialogue and bring expertise of my colleagues from different countries to my local context."