Creative Approaches to Conflict Transformation (within the full-time course)

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What: Creative Approaches to Conflict Transformation

When: October 17-21, 2022 from 9:00 to 18:00 daily

Where: Arbeitnehmer-Zentrum Königswinter (AZK), Johannes-Albers-Allee 3, Königswinter, Germany

Language: English

Price: 800 including materials, lunch and coffee/tea

Early Bird: € 720, when booking is done before July 30, 2022

Additional Costs: Overnight accommodation at the “AZK” is optional. Costs for Accommodation, additional meals and travel costs have to be covered individually.

Registration Deadline is: 11 September 2022

Who can register for this course?

The 5-day course is offered to practitioners of peace and conflict work, those who intend to work in the field, and are interested in the use of creative approaches to conflict transformation. There will be a maximum of 18 participants.


The course aims at providing a space where participants can broaden their perspectives on conflict and tap into their own creativity, vulnerability, confidence, and power, to developtheir capacities for creative modes of conflict transformation. Furthermore, the potential, limitations, and ethical considerations of different approaches are discussed in relation to specific contexts, so that participants can critically identify methods to explore further and creatively incorporate into their own peacebuilding practice.

Participants will be introduced to different methods, including movement and dance, theater, drawing, and contemplative practices, in a participatory dynamic that combines theory and practice. Theoretical approaches discussed are arts-based peacebuilding, the moral imagination, creative transformation, and elicitive conflict transformation, among others, articulated with analysis of case studies.

Key Topics

  • Creativity in peace and conflict
  • Key terms: movement, body, breath, time, space, pain, emotions, energy, power, vulnerability, opposites.
  • Creative conflict mapping: Dancing conflicts, unfolding peaces‘
  • Moral Imagination, Arts-based peacebuilding & case studies
  • Stages for designing and implementing creative interventions
  • The roles, potential and limits of creative approaches to conflict transformation (ethics, safety, boundaries, self- and collective care)

Training approaches

This course is structured around different formats, such as interactive lectures, guided individual and group exercises, and circles for reflection and discussion.

The methodology is based on hands-on engagement, and invites observing one’s own transformative processes, exchanging experiences and dialoguing with theories, authors and artistic creations through critical and contextual lenses.

Contact person: Irene dela Torre