We first began offering online seminars in 2017 to enable you as professionals in the field to specialise in transversal, peace and conflict related topics that are essential to your working context. A virtual learning space and a flexible course schedule will allow you to deepen your understanding of those issues that affect your work and will allow you to put the acquired knowledge to use directly.


The facilitator will use her/his expertise to guide the exchange among participants which will constitute the core element of the seminars. In order to ensure a productive and profound sharing of experiences on both a professional and personal level, the number of participants is limited to 16 people.

Special attention will be paid to trust-building and confidentiality, so that the whole process takes place in a safe environment. The seminar will be composed of a blend of theoretical background, homework, reflection of your work and daily life, input by the facilitator and online discussions. The specific tasks to be completed will depend on the content and nature of each seminar.

Seminar structure

Each online seminar lasts seven weeks, with an additional technical check one week before the start. Each week we will all meet online through an audioconference – it will always be the same day of the week at the same time. For each seminar the dates and times of these modules will be announced ahead of time.

During the rest of the week, you will be able to conduct individual work as well as contribute to the exchange in our virtual classroom at your own pace. You will have to complete the seminar tasks and read the material provided by the facilitator. An essential element of the course is your ability to count on each other throughout the whole process for a richer understanding of the matter at hand.


Our online seminars are aimed at professionals who are preferably already involved in peace and conflict work or a similar field and have some basic prior knowledge of and experience with the subject. A very good command of spoken and written English is required.

Access to a computer workstation with a stable internet connection in a private space is needed, so that you can take part in the online learning modules without background noise or interruptions. A headset is highly recommended. We will assist you with sorting out all further technical details.

Registration and fees

To participate in our online seminars, please register online.

The participation fee includes registration on the online learning platform, a technical introduction and supervision during the seminar.

For registrations up to four weeks before the seminar start date, we offer an early-bird discount of 10 % off the participation fee.

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