Ruxandra Tanase
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Ruxandra Tanase

Trainer for Peace and Conflict Projects

Andra Tanase is an expert trainer, researcher and consultant on peacebuilding, development cooperation, education, conflict transformation, youth and peacebuilding.

Currently a member of PATRIR and also member of the Erasmus+ Romanian National Agency Pool of Trainers,  Andra focuses on capacity building, strategic programme design, intercultural intelligence, policy-making and civil society development from the perspective of conflict transformation and peacebuilding. She has worked as consultant, trainer or adviser with different institutions such as the European Commission, The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Forum ZFD, The Red Cross and Save the Children.

Process Facilitation: Andra has been engaged with Forum ZFD as a trainer since 2013, particularly on the topic of Project and Programme Design but also others (Networks and Networking, Concluding and Inventory of Knowledge, Role of the Peace Consultant). Additionally she contributed to the design and facilitation of numerous national and international meetings contributing to policy making, advancing peace theory, building institutional capacities for conflict transformation and coordination among multi-stakeholder processes. Since 2006 she engaged extensively in defining, developing and improving the role and capacities that European New Member States play in the development cooperation policy of the European Union and particularly the role that Romania plays in this process.

Training: She has provided over 100 training programmes in 20 countries to government ministries, national and international organizations, UN agencies and country missions, diplomats, NGOs, community-based practitioners, military, and others in the fields of peacebuilding and conflict transformation, strategic peacebuilding, designing peacebuilding programs, project writing, project management and contract management, monitoring and evaluation, peace education, human rights, development education, lobby and advocacy, intercultural communication and mediation.

Andra has worked, contributed and learnt working extensively at the EU level in Brussels, working with civil society and governments in the EU New Member states and in short-term missions in Moldova/Transdniestra, Nicaragua, The Gambia, Thailand/Burma, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Cyprus and Nepal.