Sabine Saliba
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Sabine Saliba

Trainer for Peacebuilding and Trauma Sensitivity

Sabine Saliba works in the field of armed conflict, peacebuilding and human rights. While being exposed to the grim situation of conflict in different parts of the world may have challenged her belief in how international mechanisms can bring about positive change in the people's lives, it straightened her belief in the importance of trauma-sensitive approaches for healing individuals and societies.

Recently, she served as the Executive Director at ACT for the Disappeared, a Lebanese human rights organization. Sabine has been working on human rights for over 15 years in Lebanon, the Middle East and internationally with a London based human rights organization, at the ILO in Geneva and as a consultant for various institutions including Parliamentarians for Global Action and Small Arms Survey. She holds a Law degree and an MA in International Law and has extensive experience in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law.