Sara Clarke-Habibi
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Sara Clarke-Habibi

Trainer for Peace Psychology

Sara Clarke-Habibi has 20 years’ experience as a peacebuilding practitioner, researcher and trainer. She holds a PhD and Masters’ degree in education from the University of Cambridge, an MA in Conflict and Peace Studies with specialisation in social-psychology, and an interdisciplinary BA in Ethics, Society and Law from the University of Toronto. Sara led a community-responsive psychosocial programme of Education for Peace in early post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina which accompanied 6000 students and 400 adult school staff in creating cultures of peace and healing within and between violence-affected communities. She has authored numerous toolkits and manuals on peace education, intercultural dialogue, social healing and dealing with the past.  Her trainings and consultancy services address education and peacebuilding, violence prevention and recovery, reconciliation and youth empowerment, which have supported peaceworkers in Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Cyprus, Israel-Palestine, Iraq, Jordan, Philippines, Ukraine and all of the former Yugoslavian states. She is a founding member of the Cambridge Peace and Education Research Group, and has taught at university level on topics of ‘Education and Armed Conflict’, ‘Teaching and Learning about Genocide’, ‘Peacebuilding through Education’ and ‘Peace Psychology’. Her research explores the social-psychology, sociology, pedagogy and ethics of peacebuilding in contexts of violent intergroup conflict, transitional justice, healing of victims and perpetrators of violence, and social reconciliation, including a focus on the experience of youth and adult peacebuilding actors: their agency, struggles, trajectories of resilience, self-care, and transformation. She is currently based in Switzerland, where she works as an education consultant with the United Nations for the Western Balkans 6. In 2021, she will be based at the Georg Eckert Institute in Germany as the Georg Arnold Senior Fellow for Education for Sustainable Peace.