Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for participation in seminars of the Academy for Conflict Transformation in the Forum Civil Peace Service

Preconditions for Participation

Participation in seminars of the Academy for Conflict Transformation (shortly AfC) is possible for all interested persons as long as no specific preconditions apply. Where applicable, preconditions are specified in the descriptions of the seminar on the website.

For the participation in the part-time and full-time courses, separate conditions regarding application, conclusion of the contract, fee and cancellation beside others apply.

Registration procedure

Registration for seminars is only possible online through the website of the AfC. A free user account must be created to do so. The participant is respon­sible for making sure that the user details, in particular the e-mail and billing address, are correct and current.

The information provided during the registra­tion is binding. Any changes must be made in writing and must be submitted to the AfC at least 10 workdays before the start of the seminar. After receipt of the registration the participant will receive a confirmation of registration. The registration is effective only after receipt of payment on the bank account of the Academy.

As the number of places is limited to 16 persons in total, places are awarded according to the order of registra­tion. Should the seminar be fully booked at the time of registration the participant will be informed as soon as possible. The interested party has neither legal claim to participation nor further claims of any kind.

Participation fees

The participation fees are displayed in the respective offer on the website of the AfC. The charges of meals (lunch, dinner and coffee breaks) are included in the participation fees.

Subsidy-scheme for peace workers in the field

Peace workers in projects abroad usually have only limited budgets for training. The subsidy-scheme allows max. three people per seminar to have their participation fee reduced by 50%. The places are awarded by the principle of “first come, first served”, the day (the time if necessary) of the online-registration is crucial.

The subsidy is only offered to peace workers who fulfill the criteria of “already working in the field”, not for those being in “preparation”. For specifications regarding the subsidy-scheme and applicability, the Academy staff can provide further information.


The AfC reserved a certain amount of single rooms in the venue or in hotels nearby. Accommodation can be booked via the AfC up to two weeks before the start of an event. The price per night (incl. breakfast) is displayed within each particular event offer.

In case accommodation is needed, the duration of stay and scheduled time of arrival has to be communicated during online registration. Costs will be stated in the invoice and have to be covered by the participant.

The participant can not claim the booking of accommodation via the AfC. In case accommodation is needed but there are no rooms available anymore, the participant will be informed about that fact after registering.

Transportation to the venue

The costs for individual transportation to the venue, transportation to a potential external activity as part of a course or event or the cost of a commonly used bus are to be covered by the participant and cannot be reimbursed by the AfC.

Payment options, cancellation of participation due to non-payment

The participant will be invoiced for the partici­pation fee (and accommodation fee if applicable) after receipt of registration. The fee is to be transferred to the AfC account specified on the invoice. The invoiced amount is to arrive in the account listed on the invoice within 10 workdays of receipt of the invoice or, at the latest, 10 workdays before the start of the event. The money transfer should indicate the invoice number and the participant’s name. Payment via credit card is not possible.

Any bank transfer fees incurred by money transfers from non-German bank accounts are to be covered by the participant and allowed for when remitting the payment. The full amount invoiced must arrive in the AfC’s account.

Should payment not have been received within the aforementioned deadline, the AfC reserves the right to cancel registration.

Withdrawal of the participant and the Academy's claims in the event of non-participation or delayed withdrawal

In the event of cancellation less than 4 weeks before the start of the seminar, the AfC will charge the participant as follows:

  • less than 4 weeks before the start date: 20% of the amount invoiced

  • 10-4 workdays* before the start date: 50% of the amount invoiced

  • less than 3 workdays* before the start date or non-attendance without cancellation: 100% of the amount invoiced

The withdrawal needs to be made in writing. An oral withdrawal is not possible.

In case payment was already made, the fee stated in the invoice will be reduced by the according amount and will be returned.

Withdrawal of the AfC, canceled seminars

The AfC reserves the right to cancel seminars in case there are not enough regis­trations or for other good reason (illness of the Trainer, strikes, force majeur, funding cuts etc.). In such an event any monies already paid for participation will be refunded in full. Any further claims arising from the cancellation are excluded. Alterations of contents are subjected to compelling reasons.

Data protection

The AfC stores the data given by participants and processes the data (as far as necessary and legally allowed) in order to ensure smooth business process. The AfC therefore only collects and processes personal data in order to fulfill its business purposes.

The legal basis for the storage of data is the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundes­datenschutzgesetz - BDSG).


*Mind the holiday regulations of the German Federal State of Northrhine-Westphalia


State of 25 April 2016