Part-Time Course in Peace and Conflict Work (in German) 2022

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Information about the training

Time frame
Seminar type
Seminar language

Our part-time training course for peace and conflict work is aimed at all those who have already gained professional experience (irrespective of their previous specialisation) and who prospectively want to work or are already working in the field of civil conflict management or related areas.

Sequence of the training course

Our part-time training course in the blended learning format combines self-study phases with in-person seminars. In the self-study phases you will be introduced to the topics online on our e-learning platform. During this time, you can freely work from any location, but will be tutored and will stay in contact with the other participants.

The in-person phases take place at our facilities in the Arbeitnehmerzentrum Königswinter conference centre. Here, what has been learned is deepened and supplemented and applied in practical exercises within the group.
The self-study phases require about ten hours of learning per week, which you can organize as you wish. During this time, there will also be group work, which will require you to coordinate with other participants via e-mail, video conference and/or telephone to complete the tasks.

Contents and methods

The training course builds on already existing practical experience and previous knowledge of the participants and invites them to examine their own attitude. This approach systematically combines theory and practice. A comprehensive range of methods in the areas of conflict analysis, conflict transformation and peace work will be presented and practised. As part of group work with practical relevance, you will continuously apply what you have learned by analysing a real-life social conflict and developing options for a (fictitious) intervention. Dealing with approaches from peace and conflict research and social psychology enables a critical examination of social conditions and common forms of conflict management. Reflecting on one's own experience and behaviour in conflict situations as well as group processes are integral parts of the training course.

Upon successful completion of the training course you will receive the certificate of "Peace and Conflict Consultant".

In-person seminars

The in-person seminars take place at our facilities in the Arbeitnehmerzentrum Königswinter conference centre. Catering during the seminars (lunch, coffee breaks and dinner) is included in the participation fee. During the seminars you have the possibility of booking a room in the Arbeitnehmerzentrum Königswinter conference centre (not included in the participation fee), of course you can also arrange private accommodation.
The in-person seminars begin on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. and end on Saturdays at 5:00 p.m. Please always plan your arrival and departure so that you can be present from the beginning to the end of the session.

Participation requirements

When selecting our participants, it is particularly important for us to learn a little about your motivation, qualifications and work experience in the field of peace and conflict work.

Requirements for participation in the part-time training course are

•    completion of professional training
•    at least one year of work experience
•    experience in the intercultural field at home or abroad
•    reading and understanding English, fluent spoken and written German
•    willingness to reflect on one's own assumptions and behavioural tendencies
•    openness to group and learning processes
•    access to a PC with Internet access

Application procedure

Applications for this training course are to be made online via our website. After receiving your application, we will contact you to arrange a personal interview and further steps. The interviews are expected to take place in December 2021.

The application period for this training course is expected to from 20 September to 20 November 2021. Our secure online form will be activated for this period. Please apply below by clicking the appropriate button.