In our courses and trainings, we create learning spaces where theory meets practice. Our educational concept focuses on self-reflection, responsibility and the ability to act in conflicts. One of our central concerns is fostering a personal attitude oriented towards peace-related values among all those who participate in our courses and trainings.

Central aspects of our holistic approach

  • Personal attitude, self-reflection and understanding of one's own role
  • Conflict theories, models and concepts of conflict transformation
  • Methods of concrete peace and conflict work
Learning Goals
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Our educational concepts are designed with expertise and pratical relevance. They are based on insights and requirements of our colleagues working in the field of conflict transformation.

People with very diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experience meet in our courses and trainings. We support their intense exchange, because group processes and participatory learning are crucial to preparing for peace and conflict work. Our participants learn how to cooperate with local partners to strengthen peace and to win other groups over for the idea of peace.

Our international training facilitators contribute their comprehensive working experience, educational qualification and expert knowledge. During our courses and trainings, we work closely with the trainers and coaches to ensure personal assistance and support to all participants.