Björn Eser
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Björn Eser

Trainer for Do No Harm, RPP, PM&E and Digital Peacebuilding

Consultant in international development cooperation - Trainer in peace and conflict work - Activist on issues of social change and the concerns of people with disabilities
After studying political science, cultural anthropology, and comparative religious studies in Marburg/Germany and Johannesburg/South Africa, Björn started focusing on extracurricular youth and adult education as well as international development cooperation. He has many years of work experience in Northern Uganda (2000-2004) and East Timor (2007-2009), has led the Northern Uganda/South Sudan Program of Conciliation Resources in London (2004-2007) complemented by a proven track record as a consultant in a variety of African, Asian and European countries. In addition to his work as a freelance trainer and consultant in human rights, peacebuilding, and conflict transformation work, Björn has repeatedly developed new, web-based training and consulting formats, tested them with organizations worldwide, and made them available for work on the ground.
Björn is the founder and director of The Peacebuilding Practitioner ( and the associated The Peacebuilding Practitioner Online School as well as The Active Amputee ( and the associated podcast.