Goran Božičević
© Goran Božičević

Goran Bozicevic

Trainer for Foundations of Peacebuilding and Third Party Intervention

Goran Božičević (1962), peace teacher, studied nuclear phyisics in 80s, joined Antiwar Campaign Croatia in 1993. Co-founder of Volunteer Project Pakrac (1993) and Center for Peace Studies, Zagreb (1997) its first director where still teaches at Peace Studies. Works in all post Yugoslav countries , Ukraine and wider. Author of two books on selected peacebuilding work in Croatia, writes on peace building at portal since 2014. Cooperates with all Forum ZFD's offices on Balkan since early 2000s on Dealing with Past programmes, Community building and Conflict Analysis.

Subjects include mediation, peacebuilding with focus on work and dialogue in divided communities , dealing with past and reconciliation processes. Personal preferences include work with war veterans and with people with different values and demanding groups.

Close with UK Quakers since 1996 whose regional representative in post Yugoslav countries was 2002-2009. Member of Mennonite Central Committe Advisory Board for Ukraine Programme.

Lives in Buje, Istria, Croatia and is director of Miramida Centar – Regional Peacebuilding Exchange.