Nonviolent action, advocacy and lobbying strategies

Thematic training for peace and conflict work

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Informationen zum Seminar


When: 25–28 March 2024 (4 days) from 9:00 to 17:30 daily

Where: Arbeitnehmer-Zentrum Königswinter (AZK), Johannes-Albers-Allee 3, Königswinter, Germany

Fee: €640 including materials, lunch and coffee/tea

Additional Costs: Costs for accommodation, additional meals and travel have to be covered by the participant.

Registration Deadline: 31 January 2024


What: This training is also part of our full-time course in peace and conflict work. The training can also be booked en bloc together with two other trainings for a reduced fee (10% off). For further information, please see our course block: attitudes and skills in conflict transformation.

Who can register for this training?

This training is intended for people who work in or plan to enter the field of civil conflict transformation, non-violent activism, peacebuilding or conflict-sensitive international cooperation and have an interest in the topic of non-violent action.

Depending on methods and topic of the training, we limit the number of available spaces to a a maximum of 16 participants. Register early to reserve your place! 


The training content focuses on history and potentials of non-violent movements and conflict transformation, as well as the underlying philosophy and practical strategies for action. It will critically reflect the role of existing power structures, comparing success rates of violent vs. non-violent activism and review campaigns in relevant conflicts, as well as related approaches like civil disobedience, boycotts and sanctions.


The training aims to strengthen the skills of practitioners by building their capacity to plan for and implement non-violent actions and strategies. At the same time, the training will relate to the topic to their own working context and deepen their existing skills in self-reflection, and strategic and creative thinking through a number of multi-purpose exercises.

Key Concepts

  • Non-violence as a Philosophy and a conflict transformation tool
  • Concepts and organizing non-violent movements, and strategies for action
  • Complementarity of nonviolent actions and peace work
  • Exploring the difference between the roles of facilitator, activist and “outsider-in-solidarity” – and their intersection


In this training we employ an elicitive methodology that builds on the participants’ experiences from the fields of the humanitarian-, development- and peace sectors. The overview of key concepts and learnings from past non-violent approaches provides a base for practical orientation of the training. During the exercises we provide a safe-space that allows us to learn from mistakes and create small feedback loops for an optimal learning progress.

Join us to learn how to harness the power of collective action for positive change.   

After a successful participation, participants receive a certificate and become part of the academy’s alumni network.


Please register for this training online via our website by 31 January 2024. We will then contact you for the next steps. Please note that the number of available spaces per training is limited, and that your participation in the training is only guaranteed if the training fee is paid in time. Early registration is highly encouraged.

Please make sure to clearly express your motivation and expectations for the training. Also, please share your experiences relevant to the topic.

Visa: Participants from outside the EU will need a visa to enter Germany. We can generally support the visa process with a formal invitation letter from our side. Be advised that it takes a significant amount of time to get the visa processed, so be sure to start the process 8 weeks before the training start. Please make sure you are eligible and check the specific requirements and usual timeline for processing with your local German embassy. The responsibility for obtaining the visa lies with each of the participants themselves.

Register bindingly for this training.

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