Gender in Peace and Conflict

Gender in Peace and Conflcit Work 2022
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What: Gender in Peace and Conflict


Take-off session on 15 September 2022 at 16:00 CEST

Online Live Sessions from 22 September to 3 November 2022, every Thursday from 16:00 to 18:00 CEST/CET

Where: Online

Language: English

Price: 500 €

Early Bird: 450 € when booking before 25 August 2022

Additional Costs: None.

Registration Deadline is: 8 September 2022


This course aims at providing participants with resources to understand the role of gender and other intersecting identities in peace and conflict, and the skills to practically work with them in a transformative way.

It begins with an overview of the main approaches to gender in peace and conflict work. Subsequently, by looking into the role of women, men and non-binary persons in peace and conflict, it investigates intersectional identities, and explores vulnerability and power in difference and belonging. Furthermore, the course provides a critical assessment of the peace sector itself – for example by looking into cases of sexualized harassment and gender-based violence within the sector. Finally, the course looks into practical alternative approaches – including feminist and decolonial ones – that practitioners may follow in order to render their work more inclusive for all genders and socially marginalized groups. To do so, the course offers an overview of resources that enable participants to work with gender and other intersecting identities personally and professionally in a creative and critical way, thereby shedding light on concrete courses of action leading to a dynamic balance of the conflictive system in which participants work and live.

The course offers a perfect combination of academic and non-academic discussions and approaches on the one hand, through the use of various media including texts, videos, artistic creations and podcasts. On the other hand, the course is grounded in practical field work, drawing from participants’ personal and professional experiences through real-life case studies.


  • To understand the main discussions in gender and feminism(s) in peace and conflict.
  • To investigate intersectionality and to explore dynamics of vulnerability and power in the processes of belonging and difference.
  • To explore self-reflection and analysis of one’s own positionality in conflictive contexts considering gender dynamics.
  • To explore analysis of conflict through gender perspectives in case studies, including interpersonal, communitarian and organizational settings.
  • To identify new courses of action to contribute to transformation.

Key Concepts

  • Gender and feminism(s)
  • Peace
  • Conflict transformation
  • Intersectionality



The course is based on interactive and participatory methods, drawing from elements of critical pedagogy, feminism(s), decolonialism and transrationalism. It aims to create a learning space characterized by curiosity, co-responsibility, trust, care and openness for exchange, in which a diversity of voices and experiences can be shared.

In the course, participants use a variety of tools, including a digital learning platform, a video conferencing tool, and an online whiteboard. Participants should therefore have a good internet connection (1 Mbit down/upload or better). A headset is highly recommended.


  • Participate in weekly online live sessions prepared to discuss the content of pre-selected media.
  • Self-critical work on and development of a real-life case from participants' work with three minor assignments, namely a presentation, a brief assessment and a collection of ideas about next practical steps
  • Participate in two rounds of the circle of resonance, offering at least two feedbacks to the assignments of other participants.

After a successful participation participants receive a certificate.

Total expected weekly hours: 5 to 8 hours per week

Please register before September 8, 2022.